About Halifax

Halifax is the capital city of the province of Nova Scotia

It is home to several well-known colleges and year-round cultural events and tourist attractions including museums, theatre, historical monuments, sporting events, arts exhibitions, indoor and outdoor summer and winter festivals.

Halifax has been a site of great strategic importance for many centuries. It was the site of the first British town in Canada and is home to the world’s second biggest natural harbour, after Sydney, Australia. A vibrant waterfront city, Halifax has a bustling 19th century seaport, large naval base and a wonderful mix of architecture.

Halifax boasts an award winning international airport that is served by over 20 renowned airlines. The city can be reached via direct flights from many European locations and from the US. Approximate flying time from London is six hours, from Boston one and a half hours and just two from New York City.

Halifax Awarded Largest Shipbuilding Contract Since World War II

In October 2011, Halifax’s Irving Shipbuilding was awarded a federal government shipbuilding contract worth CAD$25 billion – the largest of its kind since World War II.

The contract involves the construction of 21 Canadian combat ships. Such a contract is going to have dramatic impact on the local economy creating a massive increase in employment opportunities. The Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Rona Ambrose, has confirmed this will provide 75 million hours of work and 15,000 jobs annually over the next 30 years. Such huge employment creation will increase the purchasing power of the local population and in turn greatly increase demand for residential real estate.