About Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is situated in South East Canada on the Atlantic coastline

The region is well-known for its breathtaking scenery as a maritime region. Rich in history and culture, Nova Scotia is a site of great strategic importance and an area that celebrates its Great Outdoors, with over 700 indoor and outdoor summer and winter festivals and events are held in the province each year.

Maritime Region: With over 7,000 km of rugged coastline, Nova Scotia is home to the longest stretch of ocean in the world and boasts an abundant marine environment.


The Great Outdoors: With mild winters and warm summers and some of the most exquisite landscaped in the world, Nova Scotia provides the perfect setting to enjoy a whole area of outdoor activities.

Beaches: Nova Scotia’s 7,500 km of unspoilt coastline and small size means you are never more than 56 km away from the sea.

Golf: Nova Scotia has more than 60 golf courses a number of which have a 4.5 star rating from Golf Digest and listed in Canada’s top 100 courses.

Skiing: Nova Scotia’s 4 ski resorts offer downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing.
Fishing & Boating: With over 5,400 lakes, there is ample opportunity for fishing enthusiasts to fish for Salmon, Trout, Bass and Carp as well as boating sports.

Trans Canada Trail: The longest trail of its kind covering an 18,000 km recreational corridor that passes through every Canadian province, providing the ideal outdoor environment for any number of sports activities.