Off-Plan Property & Plots

Prerequisites for any of our homes include a feeling of true craftsmanship, a sense of individuality and creativity, and an enduring impression of timelessness. The developers have made a commitment to produce the very best quality homes in Nova Scotia and, wherever possible, to source materials and labour from the local market. Every house has to meet the strict criteria laid down by our demanding development team, which is fiercely proud of its Canadian heritage and vision for the future of the resort.

Forest Lakes Country Club works only with the best homebuilders in the region to create our signature homes.


Terra Firma Development Corporation is releasing a very limited number of off-plan plots (plots) to international buyers who have the opportunity to purchase a plot at the current market value to build on, sell or keep.

If you choose not to keep your plot, you have the option to sell it back to the Development Company and enjoy guaranteed capital appreciation of 26-48% in 24-36 months.

Alternatively you can choose to keep your plot to build on or re-sell.


At the Closing Date (i.e. after 24 or 36 months)

Option A: If you decide to keep your plot

You pay the remaining balance i.e. 35% must be paid plus any applicable taxes (namely Harmonized Sales Tax, currently at 15% of the purchase price and deed transfer tax currently at 1% of the transfer price). You will then receive full title deed to your plot.

Option B: As the value of the plot(s) will increase over time, the developer is therefore prepared to buy back the plot(s) at a contractually agreed price.